Green Smoothie Made Easy!

Recently,  a few people were asking me how to make a good healthy green smoothie, and I honestly don’t have the “expert” answer, since I just began exploring, making and drinking green smoothies.

My friend Cindy from London, UK, just shared with me this awesome “how to customize your own green smoothie” poster which her friend pinned on Pinterest from another source (Eva Ramsey).  I got very excited upon seeing it and can’t wait to share with all of you right now!!  Here’s a guideline on how to make your own yummy green smoothie, and I know I will substitute the liquid part with almond milk (unsweetened) instead, as I love almond milk a lot!

I want to say thank you to Cindy, her friend Jen & Eva Ramsey for sharing and/or posting this cool green smoothie easy steps poster!

Happy Green Smoothie Making & Drinking! 🙂

Love, Violet 

Green Smoothie Menu

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