Know Your Sweeteners Better

Here’s an amazing and informative reference chart on sweeteners created by my fellow blogger, Priya. Such useful information to know when baking, cooking and just eating out! Check it out when you got some time! Thanks so much Priya! 🙂

Sugarfree Sweetheart

Whether you are diabetic or not, knowing your sugars, sweeteners, and substitutes will help you decide what products to buy, what ingredients to use, and what to avoid in order to have better control over your blood sugar levels and of course, your overall health.


I’ve put together a quick reference chart below showing you each category of sweetener with examples in that category, where it’s found and used, it’s Calorie Content, it’s Glycemic Index (how fast it effects blood sugar levels) and any harmful side effects.


For a clearer (and enlarged) version of this chart, click it to open it in a new tab/window and zoom.

The information for this chart has largely been sourced from the Sugar and Sweetener Guide website. It is unclear whether this is a sponsored site, but similar data is available on Wikipedia and other nutrition websites.

Armed with this knowledge of…

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