A Healthy Fast Food Alternative: Gluten-Free Pizza!!

As I continue on my gluten-free eating journey, I’m now exploring places that offer gluten-free options. Yesterday, my dear cousin came along with me on my little gluten-free adventure: finding a healthy and quick lunch!  We went to check out Pizzaville, a fast food franchise across Southern Ontario, to try its gluten-free pizza, as recommended by a friend of mine.

We ordered one with the following toppings: grilled chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, red peppers and light cheese.  The gluten-free pizza is only offered in one size (8 slices) and on extra thin crust.  The amazing thing is that the gluten-free crust is made with flaxseeds, which is high in fibre.

Pizzaville 1

I took a photo of the gluten-free pizza poster in the store so you can read for yourself how healthy it is.

Pizzaville 3

Overall, we found the taste of the gluten-free pizza very delicious, fresh (you can actually taste the REAL flavour of the tomato sauce and vegetables, and the chewy texture of the flaxseeds), crispy and light.  My cousin, who is not gluten sensitive, was surprised that this pizza was not greasy at all in comparison to a regular pizza.  She also commented that after eating 3 slices, she did not feel bloated as she usually does after eating pizza.

I’m now seriously a fan of Pizzaville’s gluten-free pizza, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a healthier fast food option.  In my opinion, its gluten-free pizza is wholesome and healthy!! 🙂

Love, Violet

P.S. I love how Pizzaville lists the nutritional information of the pizza here:  http://www.pizzaville.ca/gluten_free

P.S.S. Pizzaville also has a Gluten-Free Product Guide: http://www.pizzaville.ca/pdf/pv_gluten_chart.pdf

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